We left early each morning together, elated even though the sun had yet to rise. Winding, carless roads gave us glimpses of what was coming and we smiled with our hands clasped together knowing something beautiful was happening to us both. Marked moments on maps; a wandering gaze out slightly frosted windows; a feeling of comfort and familiarity between us. We escaped to empty shorelines we called our own, moss covered redwood forests dripping in stillness and desire, and deeply cut mountain paths seeking out a photograph to prove our existence. Each time we stopped, the fog would momentarily envelop us, briefly, only to challenge us to a chase yet again. We happily obliged, and embraced the esoteric nature of this hunt, together with joyful exuberance, our connection veiled in a palpable secrecy.

A series of 8 photographs made using a Holga with Ilford 3200 film or Polaroid Land Camera with Fuji3000b film.