Michael Ash Smith.   

Inquiries: michaelashsmith@gmail.com

Michael Ash Smith is a photographer using unique analog cameras and films to express internal emotion and vision. Using experimentation and trial and error, he honed his craft in Philadelphia before moving to Boulder where he further explored the fine art side of photography. Inspired primarily by music, poetry, and philosophy, Michael creates a visually ethereal and immersive world in his photographs offering viewers a glimpse into his thoughts and feelings.

“Allowing myself the freedom to explore feelings I was having was when my photography shifted. While I had technically created for myself, I realized most of what I was creating was for someone else. That changed with my 2020 series, ‘Archetype’ when I explored Carl Jung’s, “The Shadow.” From that moment, I delved inward to locate the premise for future series,’ often exploring topics such as anxiety, depression, suicide, and balance. I used to be afraid to let others know what was happening internally, and while I’m still cautious, I have my photography to help portray who I am; to myself and to the world.”

Solo show of ‘shrouded’ at Bell Projects in Denver

Solo show of ‘surrender’ at Meno Studios in Denver
Group show of ‘archetype’ (4 select pieces) at Bell Projects in Denver

Solo show of ‘archetype’ at Henry Lee House in Denver

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Urban Life Wash Park Magazine — October 2023
Analog Forever Magazine — Issue Eight (2023)
Hylas Mag — Issue One (2018)
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