In essence, I believe this to be a universal truth:
Our innate human desire to organize reality into dichotomies is a toxic underrepresentation of the fullness of our divinity, our deep connection to the cosmos. Our habitual separation and isolation of ideas is devastating to ourselves, our relationships, and all of humankind. It is only when we step beyond limitations and into the fullness of non-duality, moving beyond the ideas of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and embracing the light and dark as equally necessary and divinely balanced forces, that we begin to taste the sweetness of equanimity. It is only then that we can un-tether ourselves from our limited notions and two-dimensional living, and unfurl into Being.

— written by the model in the entire series who has chosen to remain anonymous

A series of 11 photographs made using a Holga with Ilford 3200 film or Rollei 2.8 with Expired Kodak TMAX 100 film.