Simply titled— M — this space in collaboration with photographer, Meg Koning and Mber Creative— was sought after to work on and expand our individual artistic ideas. It provides us a place to experiment, work from, and build on ideas we’ve never been able to delve into. 

Additionally, as I know it’s challenging to find good studios to work in this natural & track lighting space is available to utilize via an exclusive membership by application only and limited “one-off” events such as boutique gallery shows and artist workshops.

If you’re a photographer looking for a shoot space, a dancer looking for a practice space or classes, a painter or drawer looking to hold live in-person drawing sessions, or even a sculptor looking to hold a workshop, you are a perfect fit! We encourage ALL types of artists to reach out and utilize our atelier and space. If you are interested please continue scrolling for more info...

Interested? Here are the details:

We are offering a select number of founding memberships via application/invite only at VERY low studio rates compared to what is standard in the area. With each founding membership, you can access the space segmented into 5 tiers for a month (1st to 31st). There is no contract, it remains month to month. You pay in full on the 1st of the month. Once the founding memberships are filled, the pricing will go up to a more average area rental rate of $95/hr.

Tier 1: 5hrs per month for $275 ($55 per hour)
Tier 2: 10hrs per month for $500 ($50 per hour)
Tier 3: 15hrs per month for $675 ($45 per hour)
Tier 4: 20hrs per month for $800 ($40 per hour)
Tier 5: 25hrs per month for $875 ($35 per hour)

While this may change, at this time we are NOT offering block purchases or random hourly rentals to unless there are special circumstances such as a photography class that is 2-3 hours, a live drawing event for 2hrs one evening, a once-a-month dance class, etc. If you think your idea qualifies for this, please email us directly at, and we can chat!

The space will be available 7 days a week from 9am to 9pm, unless there are unusual circumstances. As a member of M, you’ll have access to our private calendar to warn you of those events and other scheduling conflicts. If you are seriously interested in this opportunity, please click here to fill out an “application.” If you have any questions, please email me directly at,



Where is the space located?
M is located on Pearl Street in Boulder, in the very popular Promenade area by the popular restaurant, SALT and directly across from Fjallraven, in an upstairs portion of a building built in the late 1800s. 

Does it have heating and cooling?
Yes! We are very excited about this, especially during the winter and summer months. 

What equipment is available to use?
We have basic lighting equipment, stools, chairs, and some backdrops available but we are NOT offering fancy and crazy expensive lighting. The space has great natural light with the skylight and the daylight-balanced track lighting is very useful as well. 

What is the size of the space?
It’s hard to tell in photos but its fairly large. It’s over 900sq feet and has an open floor plan. The ceiling is around 12ft high with the skylight area reaching about 15-18ft high. The photos don’t do it justice, it is much bigger in person!

Can the entire space be used?
Yes, however, there is one small corner with a desk that isn’t a very desirable area to utilize so we decided to keep it more “business” oriented. The space is a working location for Michael (Mber Creative) while minimal, his presence will be there. The rest will remain wide open to utilize however you’d like.

Is there a bathroom?
Yes! We have a bathroom directly next to it that’s shared, but lockable and private to only the building and can be used for changing as well.

Is there parking?
There isn’t any directly in front of the entrance as it’s the promenade area of Boulder and only foot traffic, however there is plenty of street parking around the area. There is also a large parking garage adjacent to our building. 

What is security and entry like?
There is a main entrance door that has a key (the other surrounding spaces are private) and there is also a key to our space. You have complete privacy. There will be a lockbox with necessary keys to gain entry and all that information will be provided to members utilizing the space. 

What can I photograph or do in there?
Anything really. Examples of shoots you can do... family, boudoir, any kind of model (including nude), content creation, headshots, or you can hold art events or drawing workshops. We encourage ALL artists to utilize the space.

Is it wheelchair accessible?
No, unfortunately, it is not. There are narrow stairs right at the entrance to go up. Unfortunately this is something that we cannot control.

Are there any restrictions?
You cannot use fire or smoke bombs or anything that is going to set off alarms. Open flame is not allowed. Loud music is not allowed either however this does NOT include a small bluetooth speaker. We will have one present you can use. Lastly, don’t be stupid. 

Do I need liability insurance to use the space?
While it’s not required, it’s heavily suggested. You will have to sign a waiver of our own before using the space.

Anything I didn’t cover? Email me at and if you do apply and get approved more information, rules, and instructions on using the space will be provided.